Double Trouble OM-Minor 432 Hz

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This Baur&Brown handpan has tone fields on both sides!

Tuning Uppershell: C#3/G#3/A3/B3/C#4/D#4/E4/F#4/G#4

Tuning Bottomshell: G3/Bb3/C4/D4/F4/C4/A4/C5

Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 54 cm
Height: 22 cm
Weight: 3,5 kg

Our DoubleTrouble Handpans are available with up to 8 extra notes on the bottomshell. Its also possible to get a Minor tunig on the top shell and a Major tuning on the bottom shell. Please contact us for more information. We try to get everything done for you! :)

Handpansoftcase inclusive!