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Baur & Brown Multi-instrument Pick Up


we'd like to present our latest invention, a magnetic pickup, specially developed for the amplification of the magical sound of your handpan and other instruments such as guitar or digde!

We spent a very long time experimenting with different microphones and pickups, untill we at last discovered and developed this optimal system. Our pickup transmits a pure and distortion free  signal with only a minimal danger of feedback.

When needed, it can be attached to the handpan in a few seconds and functions without gluing, hole drilling or any kind of adjustment to the instrument and, in the same way, can be quickly removed time and time again.

The pickup is fitted with a 6.3mm jack . All you need is an amplifier,

The pickup clings to the handpan without leaving any trace of residue, you plug in and off you go!

It is of course ideal when playing together with louder instruments.

Just imagine, you can connect your handpan to all kinds of effects, for example: Echo, reverb, flanger, distortion, wah-wah etc. You can even use a loop station, producing a basic rhythm to which you can improvise.

The pickup gives your handpan a new, exciting, wider horizon.

Our Guarantee:

Should you be dissatisfied with our pickup, send itv back to us and get a complete refund of your payment.


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