As purchasing a handpan generally requires a large amount of guidance and advice, which we of course very gladly offer, it is possible from today onwards to contact us not only on the phone but also by Videochat, for example, with WhatsApp or Skype where we can not only offer very comprehensive information but also demonstrate the individual handpans.


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Stainless steel

Stainless Steel Handpans are loved for their clear and long lasting sounds.

They are extremely well for playing in a calm, meditative way.

The single played tones stand out explicitly for some time which creates a flow in playing even if not played fast and with a couple of breaks to fully experience each tone of the instrument.



Our latest material: 'The Nu Blu'

'The Nu Blu' is our latest material. It's nitrided (hardened) steel.
The material is well protected against corrosion and impresses with its very warm, earthy tone and balanced overtones. Even with a slightly harder style of playing this material does not sound tinny.


Our Dynasteel Handpans are perfectly designed for fast and percussive playing.

The sounds fade away faster compared to a stainless steel handpan. This allows fast play and impulsive rhythms.


Bakpac - Mini

The new Bakpac Handpan series - now for an introductory price from 999 €


Can this work to build a handpan for less than 1000 €? Yes!
We have developed a special model that has only 7 notes. This makes our job easier and we can produce the handpans faster. Our cheaper Bakpac Handpans have the same high quality as our customers are used to from the larger models: The handpans are characterized by a balanced sound with neatly tuned overtones.
To start, we offer you the new Baur&Brown Bakpac models for an incredibly low introductory price from 999 €.

The instruments are excellently tuned, handmade in Germany by Baur & Brown (Bill Brown/Tim Baur) and are perfect for travelling!