Multi-effect Pick Up System

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Baur & Brown Multi-Effect Pickup System for Handpan

Here we offer a complete set.
You get:
- Pickups 3 pieces with our special magnet system for fast attachment to any handpan

-wired with 6.3 mm jack socket
- 1.5m 6.3mm jack cable
- 3m jack XLR cable for connection to a mixer
- XLR jack adapter for direct connection to a guitar amplifier
- Zoom B1 effects device with 100 pre-programmed effects (delay, octave, flanger, distortion, etc.)
- Built-in loop station allows short sequences to be recorded and played back again to further improvise on them



The great thing about our Baur & Brown pickup system is that it is extremely easy and quick to install.
The pickups can reproduce and modify the wonderful sound of a handpan in very good quality.
Ideal to remove a handpan on stage without great feedback.
The included effects device gives your handpan a completely new sound spectrum and it is a lot of fun to play around with.
Jimi Hendrix is ​​alive and he's playing handpan now!

The complete set is supplied with all the necessary cables to connect the handpan and the effects device directly to an amplifier or to a mixer or recording device.

Price: € 207

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