Handpan stand wood 2 in 1


Handpan stand wood 2 in 1

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Handpan Stand
2 in 1
- high and low -

here we can offer you our attractive wooden stand for your handpan.
Perfect for playing seated and standing!
Its a 2 in 1 adaptable version!
The new invented model with only three legs is even lighter and easier to use as our standard version!

Material:                               beech wood treated with linseed oil
height when erected:             approx.: 98cm
Length folded:                       approx.: 110cm
weight:                                 2,6 kg

With two sets of adaptable wooden legs its possible to shorten or extend the stand for playing seated or while standing. The sizes are shown in the pictures.

The stands are built in our workshop in Germany. Rubber washers protect the handpan from slipping or scratches. This offer does not, of course, include the pictured handpan.
Should you however be on the lookout for a suitable high quality handpan, we also produce the Baur&Brown handpan here in Germany.



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