Nr. 4 Om Minor 432Hz Stainless Steel

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Tuning: C#3/G#3/A3/B3/C#4/D#4/E4/F#4/G#4
Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 54 cm
Height: 22 cm
Weight: 3,5 kg

Handpansoftcase and handpancareoil inclusive!

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The 'Om' Handpan


Our 'Om' handpan is, without doubt, the most popular handpan in the field of meditation, spiritual healing, chakra balancing and deep meditation. We were the first to produce this instrument and now look back on almost 10 years of building 'Om' handpans tuned to 432,10 Herz in the scale of C#.

The first 'Om' handpan left our workshop in 2009 to make its way to its new owner in Hongkong. Since then we have produced nearly 1000 'Om' instruments which can be found in every distant part of the world.

Our standard 'Om' is made of a special stainless steel alloy with 8 or 9 tone fields in the key of C# tuned to 432,10 Herz. It is available in minor or major scales. The tuning is in accordance with the researches of Hans Cousto, the centre note being tuned to 136,10 Herz (Erde/Sonnenumlauf) supported and complimented by the surrounding notes.

The softest touch to the centre dome produces a cathedral of natural frequencies, a seemingly endless blend of unique harmonic overtones. Played upon the lap it initiates a flow of energy to our bodies, our thoughts and our emotions.

Perfect for meditation and relaxation the 'Om' handpan furthers mental and emotional clearness, its soothing sound reducing anxiety and stress symptoms.


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