Handpan Careoil "Handpan-Honey"

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Baur&Brown Handpan Oil


We have developed a 100% natural Handpan oil!

The oil can be applied with a sponge, excess oil can be wiped with a firm paper towel.
The natural ingredients leave a shiny finish protective layer on the surface of the instrument without residue.

The Baur&Brown Handpan-"Honey" care and protection oil was specially designed for the preservation of the handpan and other metal instruments.


Its a dependable protection against rust which leaves a shiny surface.

The oil can be used for stainless steel, steel and nitrided steel instruments.


Content: 100ml

Non-toxic. Use only as indicated and external. Keep out of reach of children. Please do not eat.

Manufactured in Germany by Baur&Brown

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